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I SPY: Shoes and Jewelry Edition

Eye SPY: Shoes and Jewelry Edition {get caught up here} This weeks theme has me pretty excited. It just so happens that shoes and jewelry are my two favorite things {second {…Read More…}


I SPY: Around the Home

Eye SPY: Around the Home This week’s theme–anything you feel inspired to take pictures of around your home. To get the caught up on the I SPY series, click here. And {…Read More…}


How to Make Leather Feather Earrings

Eye SPY: Handmade Edition Show me all things handmade. Be creative. Crafts you have been working on, gifts, home decor, etsy finds. So long as its handmade, it’s perfect for this {…Read More…}


My Life List

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest So I wrote a life list. A list of a hundred things I want to do in my lifetime. I saw the exercise on {…Read More…}


How to Stencil a Purse or Tote

DIY Stencil Tote How to stencil on your favorite tote or purse. Perfect for canvas, burlap and cotton market bags. Materials: Canvas, cotton or burlap tote {I got mine from {…Read More…}


Our Simple Easter Highlights

Why Hello Easter. We sure had fun yesterday, didn’t we. Good food, good friends, good family, good times. Because I have an awesome family, who always picks up my slack, {…Read More…}